What does agent provocateur mean?

agent provocateur meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever one party convinces another to commit a crime getting that person arrested and. Similar to accomplice.

agent provocateur meaning in Business Dictionary

individual who motivates, entices, or persuades someone to devote a crime, and attempts to get that individual arrested (and/or convicted) for similar crime. The process of law, however, equate the agent provocateur with an accomplice (and not with an informer) in percentage of the crime.

agent provocateur meaning in General Dictionary

a secret broker which incites suspected individuals to devote unlawful acts

agent provocateur - German to English

representative provocateur

Sentence Examples with the word agent provocateur

The opinion that the whole plot was the work of Salisbury, that he acted as an agent provocateur and lured on his victims to destruction, repeated by some contemporary and later writers and recently formulated and urged with great ability, has no solid foundation.

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