What does agendered mean?

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"Agendered" defines a transgender one who won't have a sex, or lacks a sex identification.An agender identity drops in broader transgender category of "Genderqueer," however unlike other more gender-fluid or third-gender kinds of genderqueers (such Androgyne, Bi/trigender, Polygender, Third sex, genderfluid etc.), an agender identification doesn't have recognition with any gender, or lacks a sex identity; These types of people might be considered gender-neutral.Agendered individuals may or may well not encounter human anatomy dysphoria, and may also or might not have or look for access to various forms of human body adjustment (bodily hormones, surgery, etc.). An agendered person who seeks to improve themselves to-be gender-neutral is often termed a "Neutrois" (pronounced "nu twa".) Also, agendered individuals may or cannot express attributes labeled femme or butch, but these types of expressions do not have bearing on the gender-less identification itself.