What does agency mean?

agency meaning in General Dictionary

The professors of performing or of applying energy their state to be in action activity instrumentality

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  • their state to be for action or exerting energy
  • hawaii of serving as an official and authorized delegate or broker
  • an administrative product of government
  • a small business or business providing you with a specific solution, particularly the mediation of deals between two functions
  • thing or individual that functions to produce a certain result or attain an-end
  • The professors of performing or of applying power; their state ofu000du000a being doing his thing; activity; instrumentality.
  • work of a realtor, or aspect; the relation between a principal along with his representative; company of just one intrusted utilizing the issues of another.
  • The place of company of am broker.

agency meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the partnership of you (called the agent) whom functions for another person, company, or federal government, referred to as principal. "Agency" may occur whenever an employer (key) and worker (broker) ask anyone to make a delivery or title somebody as an agent in a contract. The fundamental guideline is the fact that the principal becomes responsible for the functions of agent, as well as the representative's acts are just like those of the principal (Latin: respondeat superior). Factual questions occur such as for example: ended up being the agent when you look at the range of employment when he/she went along the little child, got intoxicated and punched some body, or offered impure grain? There is the difficulty of whether or not the principal acted so regarding make others think some body ended up being their agent-this is recognized as "apparent" or "ostensible" expert. An individual who's or is perhaps not an employee makes use of company business cards, finance documents, or a truck with all the logo design, these types of usage gives evident expert as an agent.

agency meaning in Insurance Dictionary

An office in which insurance is sold. It could be directed toward residential property and obligation insurance coverage, life and medical health insurance, or both. In addition, it might be a completely independent business or an insurer subsidiary.

agency meaning in Finance Dictionary

a small business operated by a representative in conjunction with his or her principal.

agency meaning in Law Dictionary

connection, developed either by present or implied agreement or legally, whereby one-party (called the key or constituent) delegates the transaction of some legal business or perhaps the expert doing particular functions for him or perhaps in regards to their legal rights or residential property, with more or less discretionary power, to another individual (called the agent, lawyer, proxy, or delegate) just who undertakes to manage the event and render him an account thereof. State v. Ilubbard, 58 Kan. 797, 51 Pac. 290, 39 L. R. A. S60; Sternaman v. Insurance Co., 170 N. Y. 13, 62 N. E. 763, 57 L. R. A. 318, 88 Am. St. Rep. 625; Wynegar v. State, 157 Ind. 577, 62 N. E. 38. The agreement of agency are defined to be a contract wherein among the contracting parties confides the handling of some event, to-be transacted on their account, to another celebration, just who undertakes to-do the business and render an account of it. 1 Liverm. Prin. & Ag. 2. A contract by which one person, with better or less discretionary energy, undertakes to represent another using company relations. Whart. Ag. 1. A relation between two or more people, where one party, generally known as the agent or lawyer, is authorized doing particular functions for, or perhaps in regards to (lay liberties or residential property for the other, who is denominated the main, constituent, or manager. Bouvier.

agency meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "active procedure," from Medieval Latin agentia, noun of condition from Latin agentem (nominative agens) "effective, powerful," current participle of agere (see work (n.)). Indicating "establishment where business is done for the next" first recorded 1861.

agency meaning in Business Dictionary

Fiduciary relationship between two events for which one (the 'agent') is in control of (is obligated to) another (the 'principal') . The agent is authorized by the major to execute certain functions, for and on behalf associated with the key. The principal is limited by the acts associated with the representative, done in performing entrusted obligations and within the range of agent's expert. A company are developed by (1) express contract, whether dental or written, (2) implication, based on the customized or rehearse for the trade, or (3) conduct associated with key. Underneath the appropriate doctrine of estoppel, the key is prohibited from denying the existence of an adequately constituted agency. Creation of company is vital to commercial and economic deals, because a company (as a legal entity) can operate just through its representatives.

agency meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The professors of acting or of exerting energy; their state of being doing his thing; action; instrumentality.

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  • (letter.) The office of a representative, or aspect; the relation between a principal and his agent; business of one intrusted using the issues of some other.
  • (n.) The area of company of am broker.

Sentence Examples with the word agency

In the Pagan districts where no native machinery existed and no previous taxation had been in force, a nominal impost was levied and collected by the officers of the government through the agency of the village chiefs.

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