What does age of reason mean?

age of reason meaning in Law Dictionary

age 18 when a person is considered in a position to understand from incorrect. They have been considered a grown-up now. Refer to legal age.

age of reason meaning in Business Dictionary

Age at which one acquires (or perhaps is deemed in law to possess acquired) the capacity to distinguish between right and incorrect, and is hence legitimately with the capacity of committing a civil crime. Usually 18 years. See also legal age.

age of reason meaning in General Dictionary

a movement in European countries from about 1650 until 1800 that advocated the employment of reason and individualism in place of custom and established doctrine

Sentence Examples with the word age of reason

In 1802 Paine sailed for America, but while his services in behalf of the colonies were gratefully remembered, his Age of Reason and his attack on Washington had alienated many of his friends.

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