What does age calling mean?

age calling meaning in Urban Dictionary

(v.) The already outdated internet practise of attempting to belittle someone by asserting that they're younger than you. Usually, age reported is 1-3 many years more youthful compared to chronilogical age of the caller him/herself (generally, it is just oen 12 months younger versus caller). This is a last ditch attempt by this individual seem adult. This plan is actually used when the calling party understands they can not assert on their own with a few expert aside from presenting untrue qualifications of thier opponent, additionally the younger the person (common users are in thier early-mid teens, often belated teens) the more readily made use of the act. When thier presumptions tend to be proved incorrect, though the reaction will immediately be 'I would never have guessed that'. The users for this strategy also favour political correctness, obscure assumptions, pseudo-intellectualism, continual tiny insults throughout thier talk, a general feel of hatred towards thier adversary and getting upset quickly.