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Agapee (ah-gah-pee) may be the proper pronunciation of Greek term άγάπη, that is among the numerous Greek terms for love.Agapee is a sacrificial love, the sort any particular one has actually for your Jesus, a person's country, and something's family members.In ancient Greek tradition (as well as in many others, last and present) agapee is considered the love on has actually for your spouse, a love that will be not dependent on what one 'feels' as well as how good of a spouse a one is. Agapee is considered the kind of love that holds households collectively. Sexual attraction is alleged to ultimately stay in a marriage, but agapee love, which is above a feeling—it is an idea—holds all of them collectively stronger than any emotion previously could.Agapee is the Greek term for love used in the Christian New Testament (Corinthians 13, and also other passages) talking about Jesus's love of mankind and Church (described as the Bride of Christ) including man's reciprocated love of Jesus, and another's fellow man.within the New Testament Gospels, Jesus (who's known as Christ) is attributed with saying "what greater tv show of love (agapee) will there be than this: any particular one would lay-down their life for their pals."