What does agape mean?

agape meaning in General Dictionary

The love-feast of this ancient Christians being a meal partaken of relating to the communion

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  • Gaping as with wonder expectation or eager interest
  • using the mouth spacious like in wonder or awe
  • (Christian theology) the passion for God or Christ for humanity
  • a religious dinner shared as an indication of love and fellowship
  • selfless passion for someone for the next without sexual implications (especially love which religious in general)
  • Gaping, much like question, hope, or eager attention.
  • The love feast of the ancient Christians, becoming a meal partaken of regarding the the communion.

agape meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Greek agape "brotherly love, charity," from agapan "greet with affection, love," which will be of as yet not known origin. Agape was used by very early Christians with their "love feast" held in connection with the father's Supper. In contemporary use, often in less complicated feeling of "Christian love" (1856, usually against eros as "carnal or sexy love").

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  • 1660s, from a- (1) + gape (v.).

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agape meaning in General Dictionary

(adv. & a.) Gaping, much like question, hope, or eager interest.

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  • (n.) The love-feast regarding the ancient Christians, becoming meals partaken of relating to the communion.

Sentence Examples with the word agape

That catechumens could not participate in the agape or love-feast (of which in this epoch the Eucharist was merely an episode) does not give to those feasts the character of a Greek mystery.

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