What does again mean?

again meaning in General Dictionary

Against additionally towards in order to satisfy

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  • In return back as bring united states word once again
  • anew
  • inturn, right back; since, bring us term once more.
  • Another time; once again; anew.
  • as soon as duplicated; -- of quantity; as, as big once again, half as a lot once more.
  • in every various other place.
  • Conversely.
  • more over; besides; further.
  • Alt. of Agains

again meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated Old English agan, from early in the day ongean "toward, contrary, against, in exchange for," from on "on" (see on) + -gegn "against, toward," compounded for a feeling of "lined up dealing with, opposing," and "in the opposite path, going back." For -gegn, compare Old Norse gegn "right, direct;" Danish igen "against;" Old Frisian jen, Old High German gegin, German gegen "against, toward," entgegen "against, versus." In Old English, eft was the main term for "again" (see eftsoons), but this frequently ended up being enhanced by ongean, which became the principal term by 13c. Norse impact is in charge of the difficult -g-. Differentiated from against 16c. in southern article writers, again getting an adverb only, and against taking over as preposition and conjunction, but once more clung to all the sensory faculties in north and Scottish dialect (in which against was not adopted).

again meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Inturn, straight back; since, bring us term once again.

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  • (adv.) Another time; once more; anew.
  • (adv.) As soon as repeated; -- of amount; as, as huge once more, 1 / 2 just as much once more.
  • (adv.) In almost any various other destination.
  • (adv.) Alternatively.
  • (adv.) Additionally; besides; further.
  • (prep.) Alt. of Agains

Sentence Examples with the word again

Yet again the Andamanese can be grouped according to certain salient characteristics: the forms of the bows and arrows, of the canoes, of ornaments and utensils, of tattooing and of language.

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