What does afw AFW afw afw AFW afw mean?

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An acronym for "away from screen". Most frequently found in IM conversations when someone is busy on other screen browser. Ashley fcuking Wood. An easy rising net star. Away For Wanking. Usually utilized in on line video gaming when someone is horny and would like to masturbate in the place of continuing to relax and play. Acronym for "away from world" or "away from world." Like afk (from keyboard) except not contained in any physical good sense.Especially applicable within the framework of a small grouping of pals chilling out and a persistently absent individual. The acronym for Apple Water Fast.A term utilized by anorexics.It actually indicates a period in which one consumes only apples and water.It is employed to lose to 10 pounds in just 2-3 weeks. awesomefuckingwowsome.