What does afroskank mean?

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women, not of bad health or staying in a trailer, but of white, asian, latino beginnings and often well educated and travelled. An afroskank is a girl which dresses well-meaning she provides allusion of being a good woman, shows adequate skin to entice interest. When intoxicated enough, she allows free all pretenses and turns sleazy, trashy, as well as naughty around all guys, especially those of african beginnings. Their particular prirmary target tend to be black guys each time they go to a disco, an event or an easy supper at a buddy's. Will seize every possibility to converse and flaunt what she is aware of Africa or Africans, to guide on or dancing with an african...especially unstoppable when drunk. To-be an afroskank a lady doesnt have to be a whore and become promiscuous but individuals believe that by-the-way she acts and carries/presentz herself that she actually is, therefore making her a simple target for several men around. Other guys have a 100% guarantee success if this woman is refused because of the african male..500percent if she's denied because of the second guy, because at the same time, she'll rest with something that techniques.