What does afro-diva-act mean?

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Afro-diva-act: (letter) an emotionally and in some cases sexually stimulating performer of African lineage. An individual who embodies this word is quite competent in their craft and may utilize these types of talent to arouse the personal spirit into any experience, thereby with the meaning as an adjective, producing a performance that's an "afro-diva-act." These types of an event departs all who attend in complete awe and amazement due to the magnitude of an afro-diva-act's phase existence. This term will not limit intimate orientation.e.g. Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Celia Cruz, Lillias White, Whitney Houston, Audra McDonald, Tina Turner, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Beyonce, Tituss BurgessThis saying originated from getting tongue tied from the word "aphrodisiac".