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An Afrida is the one in a million. Along with her mesmerizing eyes, they have been proven to entice all of the dudes into yard in just one-word. She knows most of the correct words to capture a boy. People who understand an Afrida love this lady and the ones who don't are missing out. Every person secretly wants become her friend and all the guys wish they are able to have at the least a talk together with her. Whenever Afrida walks she will leave minds switching and eyes staring. Her outbound brave character and dashing appearance tend to be something to die for. Obviously flirtatious, an Afrida departs the kids wondering exactly what will occur next. Many love this lady, nevertheless heart just beats for one. Afrida's do not be satisfied with anyone. Her reputation is something Afrida's care much about. Weakness does not belong in their dictionary. Constantly searching powerful and strong, Afrida tackles whatever comes in her method.

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Variant of Afreda: introduced, produced.
Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Female