What does aforementioned mean?

aforementioned meaning in General Dictionary

mentioned before before-mentioned

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  • being usually the one previously mentioned or talked of
  • earlier mentioned; before-mentioned.

aforementioned meaning in Urban Dictionary

Referring to some thing spoken about it an early on statement.

aforementioned meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from afore + past participle of mention (v.). Afore-written is from mid-15c.

aforementioned meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) mentioned before; before-mentioned.

Sentence Examples with the word aforementioned

He occupied the post little more than three years, and on his death in 968 the aforementioned Alimad, called Abul-Fawgris, was appointed suc,cessor, under the tutelage of a vizier named Ibn Furt, who had long served under the Ikshidis.

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