What does afield mean?

afield meaning in General Dictionary

To in or from the area

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  • in or into a field (especially a field of battle)
  • far-away at home or an individual's typical environments
  • from the subject; beyond the point at problem
  • To, in, or in the field.
  • Out of the way; astray.

afield meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, contraction of Middle English in felde, from Old English on felda "in the industry" (especially of fight), from a- "on" (see a- (1)) + industry (n.). Meaning "away from your home" is attested by early 15c.

afield meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) To, in, or from the industry.

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  • (adv.) Out of the way; astray.

Sentence Examples with the word afield

Commercial jealousy aided the process: the Order had alienated the towns by entering into competition with their trade; it had established a monopoly of amber and even, occasionally, of corn; and its agents were spread as far afield as Bruges.

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