What does affreightment mean?

affreightment meaning in General Dictionary

The act of hiring or perhaps the contract for usage of a vessel or some element of it to convey cargo

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  • The work of hiring, and/or contract when it comes to using, a vessel, or some element of it, to mention cargo.

affreightment meaning in Law Dictionary

contract of affreightment is a contract with a ship-owner to engage their ship, or element of it, the carriage of products. Such a contract typically takes the form either of a charter-party or of a bill of lading. Maude & P. Mer. Shipp. 227; Smith, Merc. Legislation, 295; Bramble v. Culmer, 78 Fed. 501, 24 C. C. A. 182; Auten v. Bennett, 88 App. Div. 15, 84 N. Y. Supp. 689. In French legislation, freighting and affreighting tend to be distinguished. The owner of a ship freights it, (le frete;) he could be known as the freighter, (frcteur;) he is the page or lessor, (locateur, locator.) The business affreights (af- frete) the ship, and it is known as the affreighter, (affretcur;) he is the hirer, (locataire, conductor.) Emerig. Tr. des Ass. c. 11,

affreightment meaning in Business Dictionary

Chartering or hiring of a vessel as cargo service. See also agreement of affreightment.

affreightment meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work of hiring, or even the agreement for utilization of, a vessel, or some section of it, to convey cargo.

Sentence Examples with the word affreightment

The difficulty, which at one time seemed nearly insuperable, of bringing together the rules in force in the several maritime countries, has been to a large extent overcome - not by legislation but by framing a set of rules covering the principal points of difference in such a manner as to satisfy, on the whole, those who are practically concerned, and to lead them to adopt these rules in their contracts of affreightment and contracts of insurance (see Insurance: Marine).

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