What does affirmative action mean?

affirmative action meaning in General Dictionary

a policy of earning active efforts to really improve the work or educational opportunities offered to members of minority teams or ladies achieved by employers or schools simply by using numerous practices but excluding using easy quotas or straight-out discrimination against white males

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  • a policy designed to redress previous discrimination against ladies and minority groups through steps to enhance their economic and educational options

affirmative action meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the process of a company or government company for which it gives unique legal rights of hiring or advancement to cultural minorities to help make up for previous discrimination against that minority. Affirmative action happens to be the main topic of appropriate battles in the foundation that it is reverse discrimination against Caucasians, however in many challenges to affirmative action the programs have now been upheld. In 1995 there was clearly considerable governmental agitation to repeal or modify federal and state affirmative-action laws.

affirmative action meaning in Law Dictionary

When an employer must give consideration to employing any race or minority that applies for employment.

affirmative action meaning in Business Dictionary

Employee hiring and marketing plan that takes a proactive way of the removal of prejudices against recruiting and promoting minorities, alongside under-represented categories of the community.