What does affinity diagram mean?

affinity diagram meaning in Law Dictionary

device familiar with arrange a meeting. It can help to simply take different a few ideas in the same category to market issue resolving. They've been known as affinity units. AKA KJ technique called as a result of its creator Jiro Kawakita and affinity chart.

affinity diagram meaning in Business Dictionary

Graphic tool built to help organize loose, unstructured ideas generated in brainstorming or problem solving meetings. Inside method, disparate but related a few ideas (gathered in a concept generation session) tend to be grouped (on cards or sheets of report) into significant groups known as affinity units. These groups link different principles along with one fundamental motif, clarify the difficulties, and provide a structure for a systematic seek out a number of solutions. Popular additionally as KJ Method after its inventor, the Japanese anthropologist Jiro Kawakita (born 1920). Also referred to as affinity chart.