What does affiliate model mean?

affiliate model meaning in Law Dictionary

e-commerce strategy that constantly sells products they do not actually very own. Constantly upgrading this content to come up with even more profit. Once big enough following does occur advertisements are placed on the site to market other sites generating more revenue. Relate to aggregat

affiliate model meaning in Business Dictionary

Electronic commerce enterprize model that allows a strong to come up with revenue streams on hundreds (uniform thousands) of things without holding inventories, managing sales, handling repayments, or dealing with packaging and delivery. Inside arrangement, a site concentrates on a relationship with a really particular set of people as the core competence (see core competencies). It develops and continuously updates content and solutions to attract and wthhold the patronage with this team. Once it's a considerable few regular site visitors, it can produce income by holding ads or links to merchants with items that its visitors look for or have an interest in. See additionally aggregator model.