What does affidavit mean?

affidavit meaning in General Dictionary

A sworn statement on paper a declaration written down signed making upon oath before an official magistrate

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  • written declaration made under oath; a written declaration sworn to be true before someone lawfully approved to manage an oath
  • A sworn statement on paper; a declaration in writing, finalized and made upon oath before a certified magistrate.

affidavit meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. 1) any written document where signer swears under oath before a notary general public or somebody approved to simply take oaths (like a County Clerk), your statements in the document are true. 2) in many states a declaration under punishment of perjury, which does not require the oath-taking before a notary, may be the equivalent of an affidavit.

affidavit meaning in Finance Dictionary

A written declaration signed on oath and seen by a commissioner for oaths, generally an experienced solicitor.

affidavit meaning in Law Dictionary

written or printed declaration or declaration of facts, made voluntarily, and verified because of the oath or affirmation regarding the party making it, taken before an officer having expert to manage such oath. Cox v. Stern, 170 111. 442, 48 N. E 900, 62 Am. St Rep. 3S5; Hays roentgen. Loomis, S4 111. 18. An affidavit is a written statement under oath, made without notice into negative party. Code Civ. Proc. Cal.

affidavit meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Medieval Latin affidavit, literally "he features reported on oath," third person singular perfective of affidare "to trust," from Latin ad- "to" (see ad-) + fidare "to trust," from fidus "faithful," through the exact same root as fides "faith" (identify belief). So called from becoming the first word of sworn statements.

affidavit meaning in Business Dictionary

Written and finalized declaration of realities produced by an entity (called affiant or deponent), voluntarily and under oath, before a notary general public or commissioner for oaths. Unlike a statutory declaration, an affidavit is accepted as evidence by process of law in the place of a witness appearing face-to-face.

affidavit meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A sworn declaration, voluntarily given by a declarant and witnessed by a notary public.

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affidavit meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A sworn statement on paper; a declaration written down, finalized and made upon oath before a certified magistrate.

Sentence Examples with the word affidavit

And 6 A.M.; after the same date no child under 14 shall be employed in any factory without a certificate of school attendance for 12 weeks (of which 6 weeks must be consecutive) of the preceding year; no child shall be employed without the filing of an affidavit as to age.

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