What does affected mean?

affected meaning in General Dictionary

Regarded with affection beloved

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  • being excited or provoked towards phrase of a feeling
  • talking or behaving in a synthetic way to get that promotion
  • applied; affected
  • of Affect
  • Regarded with love; beloved.
  • Inclined; disposed; connected.
  • Given to false show; assuming or pretending to have understanding maybe not all-natural or genuine.
  • Assumed unnaturally; perhaps not normal.
  • contains terms concerning various abilities of the unidentified volume; adfected; since, an affected equation.

affected meaning in Etymology Dictionary

past participle adjective from affect (v.2); 1530s when you look at the now-obsolete good sense "favorably disposed" (maintained in disaffected); meaning "artificially displayed" is recorded from 1580s.

affected meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Affect

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  • (p. p. & a.) Regarded with affection; beloved.
  • (p. p. & a.) Inclined; disposed; affixed.
  • (p. p. & a.) provided to false show; presuming or pretending to possess understanding not normal or genuine.
  • (p. p. & a.) Assumed artificially; not normal.
  • (p. p. & a.) contains terms involving various capabilities associated with as yet not known amount; adfected; as, an affected equation.

Sentence Examples with the word affected

The sedimentary rocks are affected by many dikes and sheets of igneous rock, some of the latter being extrusive and some intrusive.

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