What does aesthete mean?

aesthete meaning in Urban Dictionary

An uncommon word which a combination of visual (appearance/beauty) and athlete, so it's similar to mathlete.It is a vintage term which was originally spelled esthete (aesthete could be the American variation).

aesthete meaning in Etymology Dictionary

attested from 1878, fashionable 1881, from Greek aisthetes "one who perceives," from stem of aisthanesthai "to perceive, to feel" (see visual). I do want to be an aesthete, Along with the aesthetes stand; A sunflower back at my forehead, And a lily in my own hand. ["Puck," Oct. 5, 1881]

aesthete meaning in General Dictionary

person who professes great sensitiveness into the beauty of art and nature

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  • One who tends to make much or overmuch of looks.

aesthete meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A person who makes much or overmuch of looks.

Sentence Examples with the word aesthete

He poses too much as a fine gentleman, and is so anxious not to be taken for a pedant of the vulgar scholastic kind that he falls into the hardly more attractive pedantry of the aesthete and virtuoso.

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