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The "aerial screw" is a sexual position first created by Leonardo DaVinci in the early 1480s whereby the consenting functions pleasure one-another during a free autumn state with both people achieving climax ahead of their connection with the floor. Attempts to successfully complete the "aerial screw" tend to be said to be the primary drive behind all of the avionic achievements of twentieth century - up to and including the room shuttle. The aerial screw is frequently, and wrongly understood to be a crude flying device designed by DaVinci; though recently discovered documents have uncovered this equipment had been merely an effort to attain a sufficient height to try the sexual act. Aided by the advent associated with United States space system within the 1950s, the aerial screw is now of increasing interest to NASA and was the primary drive behind coed shuttle missions in the 1980s.

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He also recommends an elastic aerial screw consisting of two blades, which taper and become thinner towards the tips and FIG.

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