What does aeon mean?

aeon meaning in General Dictionary

A period of immeasurable length of time See Eon

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  • the longest unit of geological time
  • an immeasurably long period of the time
  • (Gnosticism) a divine energy or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing different functions within the operation for the world
  • a time period of immeasurable length of time; additionally, an emanation associated with Deity. See Eon.
  • An immeasurable or unlimited time; eternity; a long period of time; an age.
  • the embodiments of this divine characteristics of this Endless Becoming.

aeon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s; see eon.

aeon meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

based on the Gnostics a being considered a subordinate heavenly energy derived from the Supreme becoming by a process of emanation. The totality of aeons formed the religious world that was intermediary between your Deity while the material world of sensible phenomena, that was held is evil. -- J.J.R.

aeon meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An immeasurable or limitless time; eternity; a lengthy space of time; an age.

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  • (n.) One of several embodiments regarding the divine attributes for the endless becoming.

Sentence Examples with the word aeon

This same purpose, namely, to hold fast to the historic Jesus, triumphed in the doctrine of the Trinity; Jesus was not to be resolved into an aeon or into some mysterious tertium quid, neither God nor man, but to be recognized as very God who redeemed the soul.

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