What does aea A.E.A A.E.A. ÆÅ mean?

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sound you will be making whenever sadden'd, or dissapointed. It can be used in several ways. It's a kind of abbreviation for bacardi 151 rum.But you can use it to spell it out per night which you do not very remember too obviously.Or anyway. The essential memorable A.E.A. nights include the roof of a pizza pie shop, arbitrarily standing/laying in the middle of the street, using slightly black gown on a freezing winter evening, finding out that your particular small sibling lost the lady virginity towards ex boyfriends small brother...at A MUCH younger age than you lost yours, making a number of really careless video clips for individuals later on recognizing which you cannot erase it after it already delivered,trying to convince your older sister that you haven't already been drinking even though the dining table behind you is flipped on its part while cant assist but laugh, glaucoma shots in individuals necks that turn into an eyeliner smudge,making random video clips that include wrestling and counting to 100 for no reason,looking such as your on crack, you cant rather remember once you dropped asleep, you get up in the morning and obtain calls from individuals asking the reason why you "sunk their particular battleship" yesterday. twitter statuses which also mention the manner in which you sunk their battleship.watching every one of the sloppy videos you left individuals who they are going to look at the next time that they sign on. after that nevertheless attempting to repeat the second weekend.Basically its a term for a night which you did shit you will always regret but had a fucking blast while you were doing it. is short for Anti.Emo.Army the main organization within the combat emos various other groups including the anti emo coalation or even the anti emo activity tend to be less as compared to Anti Emo Army but they are trying to acheive exactly the same objective Quick hand for: "Ey, yo!"