What does adze mean?

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adze will be axe as adds is asks.

adze meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also adz, "cutting tool resembling an axe, however with a curved knife at a right-angle towards handle, useful for dressing wood," 18c. spelling customization of adverts, addes, from center English adese, adse, from Old English adesa "adze, hatchet," which is of as yet not known source. Adze "has already been monosyllabic only because the seventeenth century. The term doesn't have cognates, though it resembles the names of adz and also the hammer in several languages" [Liberman, 2008]. Maybe for some reason about Old French aisse, Latin ascia "axe" (see axe).

adze meaning in General Dictionary

an edge tool regularly cut and contour lumber

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  • A carpenter's or cooper's device, formed with a thin arching knife set at correct sides into handle. Its used for chipping or slicing away the surface of timber.

adze meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A carpenter's or cooper's tool, formed with a thin arching blade set at correct angles on handle. It's utilized for chipping or slicing away the top of wood.

Sentence Examples with the word adze

Their canoes are simply hollowed out of trunks with the adze and in no other way, and it is the smaller ones which are outrigged; they do not last long and are not good sea-boats, and the story of raids on Car Nicobar, out of sight across a stormy and sea-rippled channel, must be discredited.

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