What does advisory opinion mean?

advisory opinion meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a viewpoint claimed by a judge or a court upon the request of a legislative body or federal government company. An advisory viewpoint does not have any power of legislation it is given as a matter of courtesy. An exclusive resident cannot get an advisory ruling from a court and certainly will only get rulings in an actual suit. State lawyers general in addition give consultative viewpoints on demand of federal government officials. These viewpoints tend to be reported whilst the possible proper law about them but are not binding.

advisory opinion meaning in Law Dictionary

the methods a judge can rule in a case. It utilizes the evidence so it's not binding before arguments tend to be completed.

advisory opinion meaning in Business Dictionary

report of a court on what it could rule on a legal concern if it's brought before it. This opinion is binding neither in the courtroom nor the functions requesting it, and it is reliable and then the level the important points introduced into judge are precise and complete.