What does adviser mean?

adviser meaning in General Dictionary

a person who advises

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  • an expert which gives advice
  • a person who advises.

adviser meaning in Law Dictionary

celebration which gets a fee for handling a mutual investment. Its generally not as much as one % of the possessions price. AKA advising bank.

adviser meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, representative noun from advise (v.). Meaning "military person delivered to help a government or army in a foreign country" is recorded from 1915. Alternative kind, Latinate advisor, could very well be a back-formation from consultative.

adviser meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Alternate term for an advising bank. 2. Entity that handles a shared investment in return for an annual cost ranging (usually) from 0.5 % to 1 per cent of this fund's complete assets.

adviser meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Person who recommends.

Sentence Examples with the word adviser

He figures in two anecdotes as the religious adviser of the king and queen, i.e.

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