What does advised mean?

advised meaning in General Dictionary

Carefully thought out likely to be the most effective training course stated of actions usually found in combination as ill-advised well advised

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  • having received information
  • getting the good thing about cautious previous consideration or counsel
  • of Advise

advised meaning in Urban Dictionary

Getting savagely drunk.

advised meaning in Law Dictionary

Prepared to give Judgment, after evaluation and deliberation. "The court took time to be encouraged." 1 Leon. 187.

advised meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Advise

Sentence Examples with the word advised

Biot - who loved and admired him as a son - publicly announced that his enterprise was chimerical and the problem insoluble; Dumas evidently thought so too, for he advised Pasteur not to spend more of his time on such a subject.

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