What does advise mean?

advise meaning in General Dictionary

to think about to deliberate

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  • to provide guidance to to supply an opinion as worthwhile or expedient become used to advice to alert
  • inform (somebody) of one thing
  • make a proposal, declare an agenda for something
  • provide guidance to
  • To give advice to; to provide an impression, as worthwhile or expedient to-be used; to advice; to alert.
  • To give information or notice to; to see; -- with of prior to the thing communicated; because, we had been suggested of the risk.
  • to think about; to deliberate.
  • To just take advice; to seek advice from; -- accompanied by with; as, to advise with pals.

advise meaning in Law Dictionary

to provide an impression or advice, or suggest a plan or course of action; and to provide notice. Very long v. State, 23 Neb. 33, 36 N. W. 310. This term isn't similar to "direct" or "instruct." In which a statute authorizes the test judge to advise the jury to acquit, the court does not have any capacity to instruct the jury to acquit. The courtroom can only just counsel, plus the jury aren't bound bv the guidance. People v. Horn, 70 Cal. 17, 11 Pac. 470.

advise meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 13c., avisen "to view, consider," from Old French aviser "deliberate, mirror, consider" (13c.), from avis "opinion" (see guidance). Indicating "to offer advice to" is belated 14c. Related: Advised; advising.

advise meaning in Business Dictionary

To give guidance; advice. "He requested their attorney to advise him in the proper activities he should take in the significant legal matter." "The parents recommended all of their children to act and pay attention to their particular instructors."

advise meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To offer guidance to; to provide a viewpoint, as worthwhile or expedient becoming followed; to advice; to warn.

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  • (v. t.) To give information or notice to; to see; -- with of ahead of the thing communicated; because, we were recommended of the risk.
  • (v. t.) To take into account; to deliberate.
  • (v. t.) To simply take advice; to consult; -- accompanied by with; as, to advise with friends.

Sentence Examples with the word advise

The officers of the penitentiary and of the reformatory for boys are authorized to advise the governor with respect to an application for the pardon of an inmate of their institution, but he is not bound by their advice and there is no real restriction on his power to pardon except that he is not permitted to pardon in cases of impeachment.

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