What does advisable mean?

advisable meaning in General Dictionary

Proper to-be recommended or even to be achieved expedient prudent

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  • worth being suggested or suggested; sensible or smart
  • right to be recommended or even to be performed; expedient; prudent.
  • willing to get guidance.

advisable meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from advise (v.) + -able.

advisable meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Proper is advised or even be achieved; expedient; wise.

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  • (a.) willing to obtain advice.

Sentence Examples with the word advisable

In view of the fact that the First and Third British Armies were faced with strong positions in the Canal du Nord and the Scheldt canal, which it was advisable to carry prior to the general attack on the Hindenburg line behind the latter obstacle, it was decided that these two armies should open their operations a day earlier than the Fourth Army, so as to draw off the German reserves from the front of that army, which had to deliver the main attack and was faced with the most formidable defences.

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