What does advisability mean?

advisability meaning in General Dictionary

the caliber of being recommended advisableness

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  • the grade of being advisable
  • the grade of being advisable; advisableness.

advisability meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1778 (in a page from George Washington at Valley Forge), from advisable + -ity.

advisability meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The caliber of becoming advisable; advisableness.

Sentence Examples with the word advisability

On the 23rd of February 1805 he agreed with Ahmet that the United States should undertake to re-establish him in Tripoli, that the expenses of the expedition should be repaid to the United States by Ahmet, and that Eaton should be general and commander-in-chief of the land forces in Ahmet's campaign; as the secretary of the navy had given the entire matter into the hands of Commodore Barron, and as Barron and Tobias Lear (1762-1816), the United States consulgeneral at Algiers and a diplomatic agent to conduct negotiations, had been instructed to consider the advisability of making arrangements with the existing government in Tripoli, Eaton far exceeded his authority.

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