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brand for Ibuprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflamatory medicine. Functions by preventing the chemical cyclooxygenase , that will be accountable for the production of prostaglandins (an inflammatory molecule) through the arachadonic acid cascade. Although offered as a racemic mixture, the (S) isomer is best, although the (roentgen) isomer is changed into the (S) isomer in the human body and utilized. Employed for the relief of minor pain, has the typical a number of side-effects that may in fact be even worse then the small pain you took it to ease. Is useful to alleviate hangovers if taken before you go to fall asleep, somewhat less dangerous towards the liver after that Tylenol. Outstanding medicine that despite common belief cannot relief misery, despair and anxiety. To receive dental sex from a lady. Dome, mind, or a blow work. Relieves a head ache, decreases swelling. advil PM: mind so excellent it places that rest. Slang term for Asians, often derogatory. Stems from the Advil motto, "minimal. Yellow. Various."