What does advice mean?

advice meaning in General Dictionary

an impression recommended or supplied as worthy to be followed counsel

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  • a proposal for an appropriate course of action
  • an impression suggested or supplied, as worthy become used; advice.
  • Deliberate consideration; understanding.
  • Information or notice given; intelligence; because, belated advices from France; -- frequently inside plural.
  • Counseling to perform a particular illegal work.

advice meaning in Law Dictionary

View; opinion; the counsel provided by solicitors to their customers; an impression expressed regarding knowledge of future conduct The training often written by one business or banker to a different by page, informing him of deliveries meant to him, or of expenses or drafts attracted on him, with particulars of time, or picture, the sum, and the payee. Expenses provided for acceptance or repayment are often dishonored for icant of guidance.

advice meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., auys "opinion," from Old French avis "opinion, view, wisdom, concept" (13c.), from expression

advice meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Written confirmation or notice of actions done, repayments got or made, solutions rendered, or the state of affairs. 2. Legal: it really is practically impractical to clearly differentiate involving the appropriate definitions of guidance, enticement, inducement, and procurement.

advice meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An impression recommended or provided, as worthwhile to-be used; counsel.

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  • (n.) Deliberate consideration; knowledge.
  • (letter.) Information or notice given; cleverness; because, late advices from France; -- frequently in the plural.
  • (n.) Counseling to perform a specific illegal work.

Sentence Examples with the word advice

Barely seventeen months after the death of his first wife, the king listened to the advice of Canovas and married, in November 1879, the Austrian archduchess Maria Christina of Habsburg.

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