What does advertising copy mean?

advertising copy meaning in Law Dictionary

The letters on any advertisement that will get a purchasers attention.The headline is most significant right here. Shorter is way better however if well-written an extended advertising can also be effective. AKA advertisement backup, ad content, or just copy.

advertising copy meaning in Business Dictionary

Text of a print, radio, or tv marketing and advertising message that aims at getting and keeping the attention of the prospective purchaser, at convincing him or her to make a purchase all within some quick seconds. The headline of a marketing content is said to be the most crucial part, and sometimes a tiny improvement in its wording brings disproportionate results. Although a short marketing and advertising backup is much more common in consumer-product marketing, in line with the British advertising expert David Ogilvy (1911-1999) men and women do look over (and listen or attend to) long commercials if they are skillfully written. Most marketing and advertising copy is dependent on advertising/consumer analysis and it is composed by expert copywriters employed by marketing and advertising agencies. Also referred to as advertisement backup, advertisement copy, or just backup.