What does advertising agency mean?

advertising agency meaning in Law Dictionary

firm that creates, designs, plans, studies, and basically assists a company advertise their particular products or services. They're not representatives of the company that hires all of them but work in unique interest.

advertising agency meaning in Business Dictionary

company that (1) creates new marketing some ideas, (2) designs printing, radio, tv, and internet ads, (3) publications advertisement room and time, (4) programs and conducts advertising campaigns, (5) commissions analysis and studies, and (6) provides various other these types of services that help a customer in entering and succeeding in a chosen marketplace. In general, marketing and advertising agencies are not considered representatives regarding the marketers, since they work as principals for the solutions they purchase on the behalf of their customers.

advertising agency meaning in General Dictionary

an agency that designs advertisement to phone general public focus on its clients

Sentence Examples with the word advertising agency

She had always entertained a quiet contempt for the French writers whom she flattered and pensioned, and who served her as an advertising agency in the west.

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