What does advertise mean?

advertise meaning in General Dictionary

to offer notice to to inform or apprise to inform which will make known hence to warn frequently followed closely by of before the subject of data regarding advertise a person of his reduction

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  • call focus on
  • make promotion for; try to sell (something)
  • to provide notice to; to see or apprise; to alert; to make known; thus, to warn; -- often accompanied by of ahead of the subject of data; since, to advertise a man of their loss.
  • to offer public notice of; to announce openly, esp. by an imprinted notice; as, to advertise items for sale, a missing article, the sailing day of a vessel, a governmental meeting.

advertise meaning in Law Dictionary

purchasing an ad getting new customers or improve relations using the old customers.

advertise meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "to take notice of," from Middle French advertiss-, current participle stem of a(d)vertir "to alert" (12c.), from Latin advertere "turn toward," from ad- "toward" (see ad-) + vertere "to make" (see versus).u000du000au000du000aGood sense shifted to "to give notice to other people, warn" (belated 15c.) by impact of advertisement; specific indicating "to call awareness of products obtainable, rewards, etc." had emerged by late 18c. Initial meaning stays into the verb ad "to provide attention to." Relevant: marketed; marketing.

advertise meaning in Business Dictionary

To pay for an advertisement aided by the objective of achieving brand-new or existing customers for something or service.

advertise meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To give notice to; to inform or apprise; to inform; in order to make understood; therefore, to alert; -- usually followed by of prior to the topic of information; as, to advertise a person of their reduction.

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  • (v. t.) To provide community notice of; to announce publicly, esp. by a printed notice; because, to promote items available, a lost article, the cruising day's a vessel, a political meeting.

Sentence Examples with the word advertise

Listen, you little son-of-a-bitch, I'll toss your ass right out this door to the street and then advertise on television exactly where you are and sell tickets while we watch them cut you up in little pieces.

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