What does adverse witness mean?

adverse witness meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a witness in an effort who is discovered by the judge become damaging towards position associated with the party whose attorney is questioning the experience, even though the attorney labeled as the experience to testify on the part of his or her customer. When the lawyer phoning the experience discovers that answers are despite the legal position of his/her customer or perhaps the witness becomes honestly antagonistic, the attorney may request the judge to declare the experience is "adverse" or "hostile." If the judge declares the witness is unpleasant (in other words. hostile) then the attorney may ask "leading" concerns which recommend responses or are difficult to the testimony just as on cross-examination of a witness who's got testified when it comes to opposition.

adverse witness meaning in Law Dictionary

witness whom offers negative research against the party just who called them as a witness. Relate to dangerous witness.

adverse witness meaning in Business Dictionary

Person who intentionally provides unfavorable evidence contrary to the celebration that labeled as them as its witness. See additionally hostile witness.

adverse witness meaning in General Dictionary

an experience whose commitment to your opposing party is in a way that his / her testimony might prejudiced contrary to the opposing party