What does adverse party mean?

adverse party meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the opposite side in case. Sometimes when there are numerous functions and cross-complaints, functions can be undesirable to each other on some dilemmas plus agreement on other issues. Two beneficiaries of someone who has died may join collectively to claim a will ended up being legitimate, but combat one another throughout the possessions of lifeless man or woman's property in the event that court rules the might had been legal.

adverse party meaning in Law Dictionary

n “adverse celebration” eligible for notice of appeal is every celebration whoever fascination with relation to the judgment or decree appealed from is in dispute because of the adjustment or reversal looked for because of the attraction; every celebration thinking about sustaining the judgment or decree, llarrigan v. Gilchrist, 121 Wis. 127. 09 N. W. 909; Moody v. Miller, 24 Or. 179, 33 Pac. 402; Mohr v. Byrne. 132 Cal. 250. 04 Pac. 257; Fitzgerald v. Cross, 30 Ohio St. 444; In re Clarke, 74 Minn. 8. 70 N. W. 790; Herriman v. Menzies. 115 Cal. 16, 44 Pac. 660, 35 L. R. A. 318, 56 Am. St Rep. 81.

adverse party meaning in Business Dictionary

Entity whose interests in case tend to be opposite to that particular of another celebration.