What does advantageous mean?

advantageous meaning in General Dictionary

getting of benefit conferring benefit gainful lucrative of good use productive as an advantageous position trade is advantageous to a nation

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  • providing a bonus
  • appropriate for achieving a particular end; indicates insufficient issue for fairness
  • becoming of advantage; conferring benefit; gainful; lucrative; useful; advantageous; because, a beneficial position; trade is beneficial to a nation.

advantageous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, formed in English from benefit, or else from French avantageux (15c.), from avantage (see benefit). Related: Advantageously; advantageousness.

advantageous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Being of benefit; conferring advantage; gainful; profitable; of use; advantageous; because, an advantageous place; trade is beneficial to a nation.

Sentence Examples with the word advantageous

It's left the Black God in an advantageous position, since all but the White and Grey Gods are powerless.

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