What does advantage mean?

advantage meaning in General Dictionary

to offer a bonus to to further to promote to benefit to benefit

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  • Any condition circumstance possibility or means especially favorable to success or even any desired end advantage given that opponent had the benefit of an even more increased position
  • the grade of having an exceptional or maybe more favorable place
  • (tennis) very first point scored after deuce
  • give a benefit to
  • benefit resulting from some event or action
  • Any condition, scenario, chance, or means, specially favorable to success, or even to any desired end; benefit; because, the enemy had the main advantage of an even more elevated place.
  • Superiority; mastery; -- with of or over.
  • Superiority of condition, or that which gives it; benefit; gain; profit; as, the advantage of an excellent constitution.
  • Interest of money; increase; overplus (since the thirteenthu000du000a in the baker's dozen).
  • to offer an advantage to; to advance; to promote; to advantage; to profit.

advantage meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Getting the top give the opposition2. A kickass nintendo address band from Calfiornia

advantage meaning in Law Dictionary

characteristic this is certainly positive for an organization. It causes success as time goes on. It will be the precise reverse of a disadvantage.

advantage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., avantage, "position of being in advance of another," from Old French avantage "advantage, revenue, superiority," from avant "before," most likely via an unrecorded Late Latin *abantaticum, from Latin abante (see advance).u000du000au000du000aThe -d- is a 16c. intrusion on the example of Latin ad- terms. Indicating "a favoring situation" (the alternative of drawback) is from belated 15c. Tennis rating feeling is from 1640s, initially recorded in writings of John Milton, of all of the individuals. Expression to take advantage of is first attested late 14c.

advantage meaning in Sports Dictionary

granted towards the attacking group if the referee feels that play can proceed after a foul or infringement has brought location against an attacking player. This can take place as long as the referee feels it will also help the assaulting part. (sport: Rugby League)

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  • The player just who wins the purpose after deuce has actually "advantage" and certainly will win the video game if he wins the next point. The name associated with the player with benefit is named to point who's got the idea (example. "Advantage Brown"). (recreation: Tennis)
  • The referee will signal for play to carry on and phone, "Play-on", despite appeals through the players for a totally free kick is offered. Simply because he seems that the staff in ownership already has the benefit of a passing or goalscoring opportunity. (sport: Soccer)
  • Describes the way the referee allows play to carry on, even if an infringement was dedicated. The referee is allowed to utilize his or her own discretion in identifying when you should use an edge. (sport: Rugby Union)
  • familiar with maintain the pace for the online game going. In the referee's discernment the overall game is continued if he feels that to end it could be disadvantageous toward nonoffending team. (recreation: Water Polo)
  • The opposing staff can take the position of all items, or may have the items repositioned. The fouling boule may either be kept in its place or removed the pitch. (recreation: Boules)

advantage meaning in Business Dictionary

Any trait, function or aspect that provides an individual, entity or other thing a far more positive chance for success. "The advantages of Mary's plan, when compared with Bob's program, were it needed less cash and manpower, and will be completed 5 times sooner." "he'd an edge throughout the other task applicants because of their personal commitment utilizing the CEO." Opposite of drawback.

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advantage [tennis]

advantage meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success, or to any desired end; benefit; since, the adversary had the benefit of an even more elevated place.

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  • (letter.) Superiority; mastery; -- with of or over.
  • (n.) Superiority of condition, or what offers it; benefit; gain; profit; since, the benefit of a beneficial constitution.
  • (letter.) Interest of money; increase; overplus (whilst the thirteenth into the baker's dozen).
  • (v. t.) To offer a plus to; to help expand; to advertise; to profit; to revenue.

Sentence Examples with the word advantage

In this doubtless he derived much advantage from his knowledge of chemistry, though the science was as yet not disentangled from the secret traditions of alchemy, and was often mixed up with imposture.

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