What does advances mean?

advances meaning in Law Dictionary

Moneys paid before or in advance associated with appropriate period of payment; cash or commodities furnished on credit; a loan or gift, or cash advanced to-be paid back conditionally. Vail v. Vail, 10 Barb. (N. Y.) 69. This term, when taken in its strict appropriate feeling, does not mean gift suggestions, (advancements,) and does suggest a sort of loan; and, when consumed its ordinary and normal sense, it includes both financial loans and gift ideas,

advances meaning in Business Dictionary

amounts compensated or gotten prior to the satisfaction of an obligation, such availability of items or supply of solutions. See additionally advance.

Sentence Examples with the word advances

The Romans, who succeeded the Greeks as the chief civilized power in Europe, failed to set store on their literary and scientific treasures; mathematics was all but neglected; and beyond a few improvements in arithmetical computations, there are no material advances to be recorded.

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