What does adulterous mean?

adulterous meaning in General Dictionary

Guilty of or directed at adultery with respect to adultery illicit

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  • perhaps not faithful to a spouse or lover
  • characterized by adultery
  • Guilty of, or given to, adultery; pertaining to adultery; illicit.
  • Characterized by adulteration; spurious.

adulterous meaning in Urban Dictionary

adj:relating to adultery

adulterous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, avoutrious "addicted to adultery," from obsolete verb adulter (see adulterer) + -ous.

adulterous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Guilty of, or directed at, adultery; with respect to adultery; illicit.

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  • (a.) described as adulteration; spurious.

Sentence Examples with the word adulterous

That most favourable to him is that he was expected to lend himself in a more or less complaisant manner to assist and cover Madame d'Epinay's adulterous affection for Grimm.

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