What does adulation mean?

adulation meaning in General Dictionary

Servile flattery praise excessively or beyond what's merited

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  • servile flattery; exaggerated and hypocritical praise
  • Servile flattery; praise excessively, or beyond what is merited.

adulation meaning in Urban Dictionary

Extreme admiration.

adulation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "insincere compliments," from Old French adulacion, from Latin adulationem (nominative adulatio) "a fawning; flattery, cringing courtesy," noun of action from past participle stem of aduliari "to flatter," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + ulos "tail," from PIE *ul- "the tail" (cognates: Sanskrit valah "tail," Lithuanian valai "horsehair of the tail"). The initial idea is "to wag the tail" like a fawning puppy (compare Greek sainein "to wag the tail," additionally "to flatter;" see in addition wheedle).

adulation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Servile flattery; compliments in excess, or beyond what's merited.

Sentence Examples with the word adulation

Encouraged by safety and adulation in England; grasping at the Tudor ideal of kingship, determined to reduce to order the kirk from which XXIV.

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