What does adsorption mean?

adsorption meaning in General Dictionary

the method in which particles of a compound form a thin film at first glance of a good Distinguished from consumption where foreign compound penetrates the human body of the absorbing product

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  • the accumulation of molecules of a gas to form a thin movie at first glance of a solid

adsorption meaning in Law Dictionary

exactly how any non solid material attaches to a solid compound but does not penetrate it totally.

adsorption meaning in Business Dictionary

Process where a gas, liquid, or solid adheres toward area of a solid or (less frequently) a liquid but cannot penetrate it, such as for instance in adsorption of gases by activated carbon (charcoal). In contrast, a gas or fluid taken-in during absorption penetrates or blends using absorbent.

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adsorption meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

Adhesion of a species on the areas of particles