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a girls name; in Greek it actually indicates "dark one"; there's many variants on the best way to spell this title; a woman that is highly complex with several different levels. A very really truly gorgeous woman whom never generally seems to realize how amazing she actually is but flaunts it when she moves and speaks. She radiates self-confidence and charm but is moderate and sort.She is commonly extremely sensitive and empathetic but could have moments of ferocity whenever she seems that she or her friends will be treated unjustly or someones cheated her.Adrienes tend to be effective at school and job but are apt to have difficulty with guys because of their apparently flirty nature. If you are a person therefore desire an Adriene you better make a first strategy because Adrienes tend to be flighty and distracted and now have numerous admirers.can be spelled Adrienne, Adrian, Adrien, Adrianne or Adriane. great awesome folks, often blond, who is able to be great friends!