What does adreawong mean?

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noun, referring when someone is complicated the crap away from you. constantly utilizes minevs and brings random crap. most likely a girl would you this. How to confuse:1. states nevermind after saying "i need certainly to tell you something"2. accuses you of something away from random3. says some thing then again later states a lot of things unimportant towards the topic so that it confuses you4. offers you the stare when you're talking-to the person (smiles and just talks about you)5. greets you by pinching you and greeting, but later, walks away or transforms away etc...6. or when you are dealing with anything the person just ignores both you and starts referring to another thing.An old panda-philosopher discovered this by fulfilling a very good buddy of their, adreannie wong, she really was great in activities (ex. getting first devote badminton, additionally with her panda philosopher friend) nevertheless neat thing had been your she was a really cool and close and great and best and great and extremely legitimate buddy! she was cool the good news is that she has her own metropolitan dictionary word, shes ULTIMATELY cool.