What does adorn mean?

adorn meaning in General Dictionary

Adorned embellished

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  • Adornment
  • To deck or dress with ornaments to embellish to set off to advantage to make pleasing or appealing
  • be stunning to consider
  • furnish with energy or expert; of leaders or emperors
  • make more desirable by the addition of decoration, color, etc.
  • To deck or dress with ornaments; to embellish; setting off to benefit; to make pleasing or appealing.
  • Adornment.
  • Adorned; decorated.

adorn meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "to embellish, embellish," additionally "be an ornament to," from Old French aorner "to purchase, arrange, dispose, equip; adorn," from Latin adornare "equip, provide, embellish," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + ornare "prepare, furnish, adorn, fit completely," from stem of ordo "order" (see purchase (letter.)). The -d- was reinserted by French scribes 14c., in English from late 15c. Associated: Adorned; adorning.

adorn meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To deck or outfit with ornaments; to embellish; to set to benefit; to render pleasing or appealing.

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  • (n.) Adornment.
  • (a.) Adorned; decorated.

Sentence Examples with the word adorn

Numerous statues and bas-reliefs by Renaissance artists adorn the various altars and chapels.

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