What does adoptive mean?

adoptive meaning in General Dictionary

regarding adoption made or acquired by use fitted to follow as an adoptive father an child an adoptive language

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  • of moms and dads and children; related by use
  • obtained as the own by free choice
  • regarding adoption; made or obtained by adoption; fitted to adopt; since, an adoptive parent, a kid; an adoptive language.

adoptive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., from center French adoptif, from Latin adoptivus "pertaining to adoption," from stem of adoptere (see adopt).

adoptive meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) related to use; made or acquired by use; suited to follow; because, an adoptive father, an child; an adoptive language.

Sentence Examples with the word adoptive

He ordered the establishment of a temple and cult in honour of his adoptive father, but he did not come to Rome.

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