What does adopt mean?

adopt meaning in General Dictionary

To simply take by option into relationship as child heir buddy citizen etc esp to just take voluntarily a young child of various other moms and dads to stay in the place of or as your son or daughter

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  • take on brands, workplaces, obligations, duties
  • choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans
  • placed into remarkable kind
  • take-up and exercise as you's very own
  • use the cause, ideology, training, technique, of somebody and use it together's own
  • take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect
  • simply take into a person's family members
  • To take by choice into relationship, as, youngster, heir, buddy, resident, etc.; esp. to simply take voluntarily (a young child of various other parents) to stay in the area of, or as, a person's very own child.
  • To take or obtain as one's own what's not so obviously; to choose and take or approve; since, to adopt the view or plan of another; these resolutions had been followed.

adopt meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. 1) to defend myself against the partnership of parent to kid of some other individual, particularly (yet not necessarily) a small, by formal appropriate activity. 2) to simply accept or use, such to look at another party's argument in case.

adopt meaning in Dream Dictionary

To desire becoming followed implies that you will need a person to give you love.   If you dream that you have used a kid suggests you inner caring nature. You've probably

adopt meaning in Law Dictionary

to simply accept, appropriate, choose, or select; to produce this one's own (home or act) which was not so initially. To look at a route when it comes to transportation regarding the mail methods to take the tips necessary to result in the mail to-be transported over that course. Rhodes v. U. S., Dev. Ct. CI. 47. To consider a contract is always to accept it as binding, notwithstanding some problem which entitles the celebration to repudiate it. Therefore, when a person affirms a voidable contract, or ratifies a contract produced by his representative beyond his expert, he's said to follow it Sweet. To simply accept, consent to, and put into effective operation; as with the situation of a constitution, constitutional amendment, regulation, or by-law. Sincere v. Teople, 42 N. Y. 2S2; People v. Norton, 59 Barb. (N. Y.) 191. To take into one's household the child of another and provide them the legal rights, benefits, and tasks of a young child and heir. State v. Thompson, 13 La. Ann. 515; Abney v. De Loach, 84 Ala. 393, 4 South. 757; In re Sessions' home, 70 Micli. 297, 38 N. W. 249, 14 Am. St. Rep. 500; Smith v. Allen, 32 App. Div. 374, 53 N. Y. Supp. 114. Use of kids had been a tiling as yet not known towards the common law, but ended up being a familiar rehearse underneath the Roman legislation plus those countries where civil-law prevails, as France and Spain. Modern statutes authorizing adoption tend to be taken from the civil law, and that level modify the rules of the common law regarding succession of residential property. Butterfield v. Sawyer, 187 111. 59S, 58 N. E. 002, 52 L. R. A. 75, 79 Am. St. Rep. 240; Vidal v. Commagere, 13 Los Angeles. ADS Ann. 516; Eckford v. Knox, 67 Tex. 200, 2 S. W. 372.

adopt meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, a back-formation from use otherwise from Middle French adopter or directly from Latin adoptare "take by choice, opt for oneself, choose, select" (especially a kid). Originally in English in addition of pals, fathers, citizens, etc. Sense of "to lawfully simply take together's own son or daughter" and that of "to embrace, espouse" a practice, method, etc. come from c.1600. Related: Adopted; following.

adopt meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To take by choice into commitment, as, son or daughter, heir, buddy, resident, etc.; esp. to simply take voluntarily (a child of various other moms and dads) to stay in the area of, or as, one's very own youngster.

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  • (v. t.) To simply take or get together's very own understanding not very normally; to pick and take or approve; because, to consider the scene or policy of another; these resolutions were followed.

Sentence Examples with the word adopt

But this very fact of its ever-extending influence, coupled with an absence of dogmatism in belief, which made it at all times ready and even anxious to adopt foreign customs and ideas, gave its religion a constantly shifting and broadening character, so that it is difficult to determine the original essentials.

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