What does adolph mean?

adolph meaning in Urban Dictionary

great man that doesnt take any crap, devoted to a fault you understand status.want becoming like him and become as smart

adolph meaning in Names Dictionary

Noble hero.
Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

adolph meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper title, from Old tall German Athalwolf "noble wolf," from athal "noble" (see atheling) + wolf (see wolf (letter.)). The -ph is from the Latinized kind of the name.

adolph meaning in Sports Dictionary

A forward somersault with three . 5 twists. (recreation: Trampolining)

Sentence Examples with the word adolph

Two years later Henry apportioned Thuringia to his son Albert the Degenerate, who sold it in 12 9 3 to the German king Adolph of Nassau for 12,000 marks of silver.

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